July 28, 2020

“A Mindful Reminder” on Breathe Into the Unknown with DeDe Hallerman Podcast, episode#109

A Mindful Reminder


On this week's episode of "Breathe Into the Unknown", I share about a moment that I was reminded to practice what I preach!


It awakened me as I realized I needed to pause and take a deep breath.


I remembered that, wherever we might be on our journey, during good times and bad, we have to practice pausing and breathing.


We hear the word “mindfulness” often in today’s culture. But do we really understand what it means?


Being mindful is not just a word; it’s a way of life. It is more than simply being able to attend to the present moment. True mindfulness requires us to constantly consider where we are and what we’re doing. It requires us to acknowledge everything around us that pulls us out of the present.

Believe me, I know. Being mindful is not easy.

I mean, how do we keep ourselves from becoming overwhelmed by our daily thoughts? I refer to this as the “noise” in our minds.

Although I am actively on a journey to live a mindful life, I am far from done! And when I get overwhelmed with—well, life… I need a reminder, too.


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