June 17, 2020

“How to Create Self-Love through Conscious Coupling, Uncoupling and Reltionships” on Breathe Into the Unknown Podcast with DeDe Hallerman Podcast #104

How to Create Self-Love through Conscious Coupling, Uncoupling and Relationships

On today's episode of Breathe Into the Unknown Podcast, I was interviewed  about the importance of healing and forgiveness as well as how we can create more loving and conscious relationships.

“No matter what stage you are in your life or where you are in your journey, it’s about finding peace and love within yourself.” [10:44]

In this episode, you will learn:

  • [1:55] What is conscious uncoupling? The process of learning to recreate your relationship.
  • [5:09] The power of forgiving as a gift to yourself and not the other person.
  • [7:23] The importance of learning and loving yourself before entering a relationship.
  • [9:51] How to end a marriage in a peaceful and respectful manner.
  • [11:12] How to have uncomfortable conversations while being stuck at home quarantined.
  • [13:13] How to respect your partner’s space, perspective and emotions during Covid.
  • [16:26] Finding the right professionals and support 

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