July 7, 2020

Rosemarie Ferrante, “Why It Is So Important To Choose the Right Divorce Professionals” on Breathe Into the Unknown with DeDe Hallerman Podcast, #107

Why It Is So Important to Choose the Right Divorce Professionals

On today’s episode, my guest is Rosemarie Ferrante, a divorce attorney focusing on non-adversarial divorce through mediation and collaborative divorce. Her goal is to positively influence the divorce process by giving couples the resources they need to help their families transition through this time of restructuring.

“Divorce does not need to be destructive.” - Rosemarie Ferrante [6:00]

This episode takes time to address the following: 

  • The traditional litigation process is not necessary and can even be harmful
  • Families have options
  • The importance of working with the right group of professionals
  • The process through which Rosemarie walks her clients to help them make informed decisions
  • How useful it is for her clients to take a breath and slow down during the divorce process
  • The difference between traditional litigation and mediation
  • The role of a review attorney in the mediation process
  • What is collaborative divorce, and who are the professionals involved?
  • Informative workshops that Rosemarie leads with other professionals in the field

Rosemarie’s website: https://www.divorcemediationct.com/

Rosemarie on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rosemarieferrantedivorceprofessional/

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