June 3, 2020

Tracy Ross “How to Redesign Relationships: Insights into Sex Therapy and Discernment Counseling” on Breathe Into the Unknown with DeDe Hallerman Podcast #102

How to Redesign Relationships: Insights Into Sex Therapy and Discernment Counseling

Relationships can be challenging at times and require work from both parties to thrive.

My guest on the show today is Tracy Ross, a couples and family therapist in New York City. She has been working with couples at all phases of their relationship including pre-marriage and post-divorce for over 25 years.

 “You can work on your communication, but your sex life won’t just follow along.”- Tracy Ross

Tracy uses Discernment Counseling which is designed to help couples that may be at a crossroad in their marriage to choose a direction for their relationship.

Tracy also helps couples with issues and possible shame in their sex life in a nonjudgmental manner and guides them to establish an intimate connection.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • [3:44] Tracy describes Discernment Counseling and how it can be helpful at a crossroad in a relationship.
  • [6:06] The process of Discernment Counseling.
  • [10:28] How Tracy guides couples through talking about sex and how to gain an intimate connection.
  • [13:27] How she provides a safe environment for couples to open up about uncomfortable topics.
  • [18:51] The definition of what sex and intimacy means for the couple and understanding one anothers perspective. 
  • [27:10] How couples are using quarantine time to work on connecting with their communication and intimacy.

Relevant Links:

Website: https://tracyrossnyc.com/

Email: tracy@tracyrossnyc.com 

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